How to prevent and cure gas trouble using natural medicines

How to prevent and cure gas trouble using natural medicines..?

We all have issues related to digestion and gas trouble one such issue related to our stomach. We also feel chest burn when we have gas trouble. We have to control our diet at first to prevent this issue. There are some natural ways to cure this problem and here they are.

  1. Drinking a glass of Soda will solve this issue.
  2. Try to drink a glass of peppermint tea if you have gas trouble or chest burn.
  3. Drinking buttermilk is a great solution to cure this issue. Add some ginger in this buttermilk as well as it is great for the whole digestion system.
  4. Eat food with less fiber content in it. It will prevent this issue.
  5. Eat fruits like Apricot, Grapes etc as it is good for digestion system and will prevent gas trouble.
  6. If you eat spicy food, then drink a glass of buttermilk after that.
  7. Take a towel and immerse it in hot water. Then squeeze the water out from it and put it on your stomach. It will give you relief from gas trouble. Hot steam will also help you in this regard.

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